Frequently Asked Questions

Setting your mind to ease

Are your products safe?

Of course! We only have the best for our fuzzy friends. From the treats we give them, to the toys they play with, it is all safe and not harmful for them. The products we use to bathe them are all natural, so your pet is in safe hands!

What kind of pets don't you take care of?

We take care of all kinds of pets! From birds to fish, cats to hamsters. If you have a special needs pet, that is a-okay too. The only concern Paw Prints may have, is if it comes to a pet that is overly aggressive. For safety reasons, if your pet has an unmanageable temper, there are some things to consider before we agree to take care of your pet.

Would you consider pet sitting out of Centurion?

Paw Prints will venture to other cities, if need be. An extra cost will be charged.

Are your staff trained?

Rest assured that all of us are fully trained and educated in pet care. We read up on your pet before hand, after you have filled in the form to make sure we understand every pet with its individual needs.

My dog has an injury, is that okay?

Even if your pet is so old it can't walk any more, we will still be able to accommodate it. As long as your pet doesn't have an infectious illness that can be passed on to our other fuzzy friends. Frail or not, we will be there!

Do you offer training?

Yes we do! Click here to see what we have available for your fuzzies.